Exposed Log: We Has It

Having spent the first two years of our marriage in the city, S and I have loved walking down the street to our favorite restaurants and the convenience of being close to everything. We can be homebodies sometimes (hey, we just like spending time together) and being in the city gave us more reasons to venture out.

Now here we are, in the country, the owners of an old (and odd) log house, with the closest grocery store several miles away. And though the renovations are sometimes frustrating and I wonder if we'll ever get it finished, I love this place and thoughts of our future here. S and I are not normal; doesn't it make sense that our house shouldn't be normal either?

As you can see, we finally have some of the original logs exposed, and I think they are fantastic. (See this room's before pic here.) You can still see the lines showing how the lath was nailed directly onto them. This room--once a bedroom--will be our master closet and laundry room since it's so big. Through the door is the master bedroom and bath. Our master suite is going to be so gigantic and amazing and delightfully rustic someday. I can hardly wait until we can be homebodies here...

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