Our Kitchen (or lack thereof)

We are often asked what the kitchen looks like. Well, there isn't much of one right now--and really, the kitchen is not a huge priority yet. Our primary focus for "Phase 1" is getting the place habitable--meaning a bedroom, bathroom and microwave. Plus, the kitchen is going to be one of the bigger expenses, and we want to wait until we can refinance to start such a big project.

For now, have a look at what we're working with. We have to tear it all out and start from scratch, but it will be a nice big space once the dividing wall is torn down.

The sink area, just inside the front door:

Go through a door, and you have the "kitchen proper" with its lovely gray carpet:

There is a fireplace of some sort behind that patch in the wall:

So until we get the time and money to start forging ahead in here, it looks like we're doing our eating and cooking at S's parents' house, just two miles away. Thanks Mom and Dad! We owe you big time!

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