A New Entrance to Paradise

We have been deliberating for weeks about how the layout of the house is going to flow, and we finally came up with the solution to move the front entrance. It was kind of a "Eureka!" moment. Instead of entering through the kitchen, we decided to create a new entrance in the log section. Suddenly the whole house made sense. We will now have a real foyer with a place to put shoes and coats, and we 'll have sensical and even convenient first floor layout.

And thanks to another amazing deal at a contractor's overstock auction on 12/6, we got a new front door with awesome lights on each side for a third of the retail price. The thing is solid wood and weighs about 750 pounds. This is what it looks like:

And here is the distance shot. The original front entrance is all the way on the left. Ignore the ENTIRE rest of the house because it's a disaster...

The door instantly brightened up the inside as well, letting in light and opening up the floor plan. Here's the inside view.

Now I need some ideas for a front porch and what color to paint this door. Anyone have any good suggestions?

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