Deals and Steals!

My hubby's dad is a commercial plumber with seemingly unlimited connections in the contracting world. We would not be able to do such a large-scale renovation without his help and his network of talented guys. When we needed a new roof, he knew a guy who gave us a deal. Another of his friends returned a previous favor by repointing our chimneys. He even helped us snag a set of brand new stain-grade oak stairs, delivered and installed, for only $400. (Thanks, Dad!)

The latest deal is this beauty:

While making a stop at a supply house where he has done business for years, today my father-in-law noticed this 48" Viking Professional gas rangetop sitting all lonely on a pallet in the showroom. Knowing this was S's ultimate dream stove, he talked to the owner and learned they were taking offers on some extra inventory. So between S and his dad, they jumped right in and talked the guy down to a mere fraction of the retail price. This takes the cake as S's happiest moment since we won the bid on the house.

So S is picking it up tomorrow. We haven't even started tearing out the kitchen yet, but we're elated to have this as the major starting point. As you probably know, we love all things food-related. I can't wait to taste the first meal he makes on this thing. (Today I could really go for some seared scallops...) It's so pretty, maybe it will inspire me to learn to cook. That is, if he ever lets me touch it...

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