First night in the house!

After 3.5 months, we finally slept in our house last night!!!!! Infinite exclamation points, because this was really two victories in one. First, we have a room ready to sleep in! Holler! Second, we get to sleep on OUR MATTRESS again. (Not kidding, our Sam's Club Serta was the best purchase we made in our first year of marriage.)

We finally installed the baseboard in the first bedroom on Saturday and were able to move our bed and some side tables upstairs so that we could at least start sleeping there. We had to pee in McDonald's cups in the middle of the night because we still don't have plumbing, but that's a small price to pay to get to sleep in our OWN BED in our OWN HOUSE! Though it's not completely done, here is the current before and after:

As you can see, the bedroom used to have some major funhouse features: the built-in bed and the screwy half-closet. These were originally built this way because the staircase ran underneath that part of the room, and they needed headroom on the stairs. We completely moved the stairs, so we were able to knock those oddities down and build a normal floor.

Aren't the floors gorgeous? It was a labor-intensive process to lay each board by hand, but I am so happy with them! Here's a better look:

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