Going Native

It's been a cold and busy winter, so we still don't have the bathroom quite finished yet. But we're getting closer! We picked a natural slate tile from good ol' Lowe's to bring some earthy elements into the newer addition. I never thought I'd love the idea of a slate bathroom until we bought such a rustic house, and now I couldn't really picture anything but slate for this room.

S's dad is doing a great job with the installation, which he discovered was a lot harder than installing ceramic tile. As soon as he's done, we're ready to set the toilet, install the vanities and check it off the list. Here are some "in-progress" shots:

It's taking shape nicely and I'm super excited to have a functioning bathroom soon! In the meantime, we still shower at the in-laws' house. And also we have this, for those middle-of-the-night emergencies:

Oddly enough, S wouldn't let me take an action shot.

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