The Counting Crows were wrong.

Some people do notice the contrast of white on white! The majority of the walls in our house would remain white if my hubby didn't push me toward the paint counter. Though it's true that the colors I choose never turn out the way I envision and I often end up second-guessing them before the walls are even finished, I am really not afraid of color. It just so happens that white is currently my favorite color!

Check out these amazing white rooms from Virgin Media, Domino and Country Living:

One friend told me they are too stark and sterile looking, but that's the very reason I like them. I think your bedroom especially should look and feel clean and clutter-free (yes Mom, I've changed my ways.) Since our house is a dirty construction zone, the thought of clean, white rooms feels so refreshing to me.

These photos just make me want to snuggle into crisp sheets and wake up full of energy. I mean, you can't have a bad dream in any of these rooms! Plus, white goes with everything. You can mix earthy elements like the sheepskin rug in the first photo, bright pops of color like in photo #2 or more tailored accessories like in photo #3.

Stylish, relaxing, versatile and practical? I'll take it!

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