A neighborly visit

I'm guessing few of you have ever woken up to find peacocks on your lawn, and that's a shame because I know from experience that it makes you feel very special. Maybe you will visit sometime (after we get plumbing) so you can see the flock that likes to hang out in our yard on occasional mornings?

This is not as magical a situation as I initially imagined; I've since been told that our neighbors raise them. Even still, several mornings now we've seen the peacocks poking around our yard looking for bugs, seeds and whatever etceteras they like to eat. This weekend I tried to snap a photo, but it's hard to take good pictures at dawn through a window screen. I'll try again next time. For now, look closely to see their blue heads:

Sometimes we also discover that the neighbor's sheep have hopped their little fence and strolled over for a visit, but that is not nearly as exciting as the peacocks. Sheep are nice but their baa-ing occasionally wakes you up at night thinking there's a woman crying outside your window. Not good.

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  1. That is so cool. I think they are really pretty.


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