Spring has sprung... and an auction

Look what popped up in our yard this weekend! (Notice the stray piece of decrepit siding creating the beauty of contrast.)

We had some more surprise visitors in our yard on Sunday, and I accidentally scared them away while snapping photos of the flowers. As long as they don't eat our new flowers we're cool with their trespassing for now. (What could they possibly hurt?)

In other news, Saturday we went to the first Peak Auction of the year with the hopes of picking up a wall oven, tile for the foyer or the rest of our windows. We have made some fantastic purchases at these auctions, which sell contractor overstocks and leftover building materials. We're talking hardwood flooring for $1 a sq. ft., a stainless fridge for 1/2 price, floor joists for next to nothing and our solid wood front door for about 75% below retail ... and I could go on.

The flooring segment of the auction, with Mr. Peak himself in the cowboy hat.
Do you spot S's uncle Chris behind him, plotting his bidding strategy?
Sadly, word seems to have gotten out about the deals you can get there, because the place was overrun with a record crowd of people--many of whom didn't know the value of what they were bidding on. They drove up prices on basically everything, and many ended up standing around all day just to pay more than they would have at the Home Depot. So we left empty-handed, except for the corndog I had for lunch.

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