Buzzwords I will tolerate no longer

One of my biggest and ever-growing pet peeves is industry-related jargon. It doesn't particularly matter what your industry is -- I will be annoyed by your buzzwords. I read a lot of home design blogs on a regular basis and consequently get really cranky over certain lame language:
  • Landing Strip: In decor-speak, it apparently means that table or area inside your front door where all your junk lands when you come home. If you are a man or live with one, you probably know that this is not the real definition of "landing strip"...

  • A "well edited" collection: Words are edited. Collections are curated, or possibly organized, or displayed, or chosen...

  • The "Honeydo" list: Or, the things around your house you want your honey to do. I admit I didn't get this from a design blog, but from a commercial on a Baltimore radio station. And I give S my gagging face every morning when it comes on.

  • The "bones" of a house: Generally used when referring to a home's "good bones", or the architectural features that lucky homeowners have to work with when decorating or remodeling. Our house probably does have actual bones hidden somewhere that we've yet to discover, but until then we'll be using vanilla terms like "original structure" or the obvious "architectural features" to describe it to avoid lameness.

  • Hot Mess: Apparently cool people say this to describe something that is disastrously awful, usually an outfit from my experience, or to suggest it is the opposite of "hotness." I must be supercool or something, because I really think I'm too cool to say this.

It's been slow going on any house progress lately, probably contributing to my recent onset of snarky posts. S's sister is getting married at home in 2 short weeks, so all of our weekend time of late has been dedicated to working on the yard and attending showers and parties. We've had some frustration with the house lately, so having a little break is probably a good thing. Plus, weddings are so happy and her excitement is contagious...

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