Our family sure knows how to throw a wedding

The moment we've been waiting and preparing for for months has come and gone. S's beloved sister Airlia and his best friend Greg are officially hitched as of 7pm Saturday. Here's a photo that Kim Green -- a wedding guest and also a professional photographer -- took of the blessed day:

Progress on 3820 came to a halt as all of our time and energy has been focused on preparing S's parents' backyard for the wedding, so I feel this is a valid topic for our house's blog. We spent weeks leveling the yard, laying acres and acres of sod, building a brick pathway 7500 bricks large and hanging all of those lovely IKEA lanterns. After all, this was our sister and best friend getting married! Our crappy house can wait.

Like our wedding, pretty much everything was handmade, home cooked or created by a family member or friend. And everything was absolutely perfect! We're all still a little exhausted, but I have to say, these things are always worth it.

In case you're feeling a lil nostalgic for the day S and I got married -- which I certainly have been amid all this talk of love and flower arrangements! -- here's a little sliver of remembrance of our wedding in my parents' barn:

The sweetest thing to me is that Airlia and Greg's first kiss happened at our wedding. Maybe we should all go into the wedding business together. We're a quirky bunch but we know all about love and putting a sweet wedding together on a budget.

P.S. - View more photos of our wedding here. I will post a link to more of Airlia and Greg's wedding photos when they're available!

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