Where we'll live if the house falls down

I don't think I've ever shared a picture of our garage before. (Did you know we have a garage?) Prepare yourself.

For obvious reasons, I won't go in there by myself. (Doesn't it look like a ramblin' man is going to come lurking out of the shadows?) Just looking at the picture creeps me out. It's bigger than most houses, really, and a former owner used to run an autobody shop out of it. Think of all the storage possibilities! Here's the full view of its glory, taken from the house.

The section in the green circle is staying (nearly brand new and in great shape), while the biiiig section in the pink circle will be torn down because it's icky. The little faded red shed to the left is staying, because it's so darn cute. And that patch of ice is from where our pipes froze in the basement this winter and emptied our well into the yard. Now you know why my levels of sarcasm have increased with time.

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