Steps in the Right Direction

As I've mentioned a time or two before, the second floor of our house used to be divided into two completely separate sections, with a full apartment in the newer half and a couple of bedrooms in the original half. It is finally coming together as one cohesive (ish) floor, and that's pretty exciting because it means that our house is one step closer to becoming recognizable as a habitable residence.

With the help of a big ol' saw, we cut a strategically placed doorway to unite the sections. And after months of soul killing toil and sweat we now have 2 guest bedrooms, a (nearly finished!) bathroom and a storage closet in the former apartment area, and the beginnings of a master suite in the log section.

Because it's not a perfect world, the addition was built several feet lower than the original part of the house, so this week the guys installed a set of lovely steps that lead from the guest section into our master suite.

Bonus: bathroom tile preview (pre-grout)
So, like, our guests and/or kids will have their own space, but we'll still have access in case they get out of hand. And they'll have access to our space if they need us, but they'll have to go up the stairs to get to us -- which will remind them of our superiority, naturally. So these are actually symbolic steps, symbolizing progress, the unity of spaces and, of course, our awesomeness.

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