Trim Triminy... and a Bathroom update

How much more can I say about trim? A lot, probably. So much that you'll probably regret asking.

Wall color: Valspar's Homestead Resort Jefferson White
Trim color: Valspar
's Du Jour

Just kidding. This story is short! My dad came down on Saturday to hang and trim out the guest bathroom and linen closet doors. No cheap, came-with-the-frame trim for us! Above is a sample of his trim handiwork in the white bedroom, which we just finished painting about a week ago. (We've gotten so much rain that everything outside is green, green, green as you can clearly see.) Now I'm quite happy to announce that all of the window/door trim in the upstairs is DONE!

I also have some more good news: As of this moment, the bathroom is just two tiles shy of being DONE! That is a slight exaggeration, but here's where we are in the To Do list:
  • Hang and finish drywall
  • Paint
  • Run all plumbing
  • Run electric
  • Buy all fixtures
  • Install tub
  • Install door and trim
  • Caulk, sand and paint trim (in progress)
  • Lay tile (almost done!)
  • Grout
  • Install sinks and fixtures
  • Install toilet
  • Install vanity lighting (have to buy it first... sigh**)
  • Accessorize
Basically, the minute the grout dries we'll have everything we need to have a fully functioning bathroom. S and his dad can have the sinks and toilet installed in a matter of minutes. I'm waiting to tackle the fun part--buying the shower curtain and other random accessories--until I see how all the main pieces look together. More details to come, because I want to keep the final product a surprise until it's finished! Probably in a week or two-ish.

**Big challenge: finding nice, affordable satin nickel bathroom sconces that will complement the whole rustic modern vibe we've got going. I've had no luck -- everything I see looks too modern or too cheap. Any suggestions as to where I can look?

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