It's a Wrap

Saturday it took S and I about 2 hours to lay exactly 3 floor boards in the upstairs hallway, since nothing is square and we had to measure everything at least 3820 times. Sunday we were much more visibly productive. The addition has been sporting bare plywood for the past two weeks, because it has rained constantly since we removed the siding 2 weeks ago. We finally got a dry weekend, so it was Tyvek time! Here's the rear of the house before:

And after:
The windows on the top floor still need to be cut out, obviously, but now it's starting to look like a reputable project. I would've taken more photos of the process, but my Spongebob arms were exhausted from hanging out the windows holding it straight while S tacked it down.

Our plan is to put up vertical board and batten siding, which we think will complement the exposed log section a bit better than the humdrum gray vinyl stuff that it had before. I know it's hard to imagine that it will eventually be an attractive place... but I'm still holding out hope.


  1. I am in England and 10 years ago my wifeand I had a builder build us a new house on a site that had been occupied for over 200 years. I was in the metal preservation business for over 30 years and my mainmantra to the architect was that the house had to be minimum maintenance. I tell you now that it is cheaper in the long run to buy long life at the start rather than be for ever titivating or repairing. Use brass or stainless steel screws, avoid mild steel if you can, if not then clean and paint them AT ONCE and grease any hole steel things go into. Look out for water traps that help to rot wood. If you wish for advice contact me via my blog deanburnhaugh.blogspot.com

  2. Are you kidding?! 3820 is going to be amazing when it's finished! You have to have it featured on an HGTV show!

  3. Is that the color you picked for the siding? Or is that simply a sample picture for the board and batten siding?

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Lace! We haven't picked a color for the siding yet... Something in that color family (minus the blue trim) is a possibility. It will partly depend on whether we decide to use real wood or some sort of composite, which would limit our color options. Still much research to be done on which is better!


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