Living Room Inspiration

As soon as this seemingly endless rain stops and we can get some Tyvek on the exterior of the house to seal things up, we are pretty much ready to start working on the living room. Here are the photos I'm using for inspiration... I am aware that they are mostly kind of similar, which is actually a huge relief. Sometimes I have trouble nailing down my style, but it seems I am finally figuring it out -- with the help of S's minimalist taste and occasional declarations that no, we cannot hang a picture of a squirrel in a bowtie above the toilet.

These rooms are all a little TOO tidily put together for me though, so through some amazing feat of eccentricity I am going to try to incorporate my aquamarine vintage dentist chair (currently on loan at my big bro's house) into the mix. I can't get rid of it. It's legendary.

Via Apartment Therapy:

Also via Apartment Therapy:
Via HC&G Magazine, apparently:

Can't remember where I found this. Sorry!
Via Pottery Barn:
Via Remodelista:
Via Apartment Therapy:
Another of unknown origin:

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