Another "Step" Forward (har har)

So we've decided to stain our stair treads, newel posts and railings black, with white balusters and risers. I held off making this color decision for awhile, because I would hate to be responsible for screwing up a perfectly great, brand new set of stain-grade oak stairs. (The pressure! It's too much!)

We tested a few different colors and were still unsure about what would best fit into our rustic-modernish design scheme, so last night we were just sitting there staring at the bare wood when S says, "Let's just stain it all black." So I popped open a can of ebony stain and went to work on the railing parts, hoping that my Jr. High woodshop experience (under the tutelage of my dad!) would pay off. Here's the result so far:

It needs another coat, but I like it. The black stain gives the wood a really neat weathered look, as though an old layer of black paint had worn through.

Here's a little inspirational photo I found on eHow (via a Google Image search). I think this is painted black rather than stained, but the general idea is there. And it's weird because we have a closet and a window in the exact same place. It's a sign!!!

Not pictured: The black smudge on my left big toe, where I splattered some stain on my flip-flopped foot and didn't notice before it soaked in...

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