Hall Overhaul

Here is a current shot of our upstairs hallway, showing a few projects in progress.

Keep in mind, the "before" shot below was taken from the same spot 10 months ago, when the upstairs housed a separate apartment.

As you can see, we've made some considerable changes and some considerable progress.

One of our recent projects is setting that newel post and building a stair railing. (If you're S or me, you might incorrectly call it a yule post, then immediately correct yourself and end up constantly referring to it as the "yule post-newel post.")

I can hardly describe the time and effort it's taking to build this railing, since nothing in our house is square. We would have to invent entirely new shapes to describe how not square everything is. Since a railing is something for which every measurement depends on another, our brains, patience and measuring tapes are getting a serious workout.

We'll be super proud of ourselves if and when we finish this thing. I don't think most homeowners would attempt this railing project without hiring a professional, and they're smart.

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