S's Reclaimed Clothing Rack

Last week I blogged about my little reclaimed art project, so this week I wanted to share the fantastic piece my creative hubby made:

How much cooler would a silky blouse or a tailored suit look hanging on this ultra rustic clothing rack?

In fact, I had planned to style it with a pretty dress and some frilly accessories before posting it, but we've been so busy with work, travel and projects that I haven't had the chance. My sad Target rug and grainy photo will have to do for now, but I will post new photos when I can.

Anyway, S made it out of pipes and casters that he bought and wood that he reclaimed from our house.

The perfectly weathered boards that he used for the base used to be part of our fence! (Seriously, how creative is that?) For the base supports, he used old wooden joists that we saved when we ripped out the attic.

I can't wait to hang my clothes on it, so that when I get dressed in the morning I can feel like I'm shopping in a little industrial chic boutique.

Two thumbs up, S! Since we have lots of fence left, maybe we can start taking orders?

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