Try and contain your egg-citement

Our house now has doorknobs! We aim to please here at 3820, so we made this investment for our guests, who may not appreciate having to sleep or use the bathroom with the door swung wide open.

Door knobs, by the way, are way more expensive than I could have imagined. I originally wanted to mix and match old glass and porcelain knobs throughout the house, but even cheap reproductions cost more than I care to pay at this point.

So we got these antique nickel Laurel egg knobs from Kwikset, and I am quite happy. They aren't flashy, but they hit a very pleasant note. Plus I appreciate any project that takes less than 10 minutes and requires minimal skill.

Small victories, yes?


  1. I absolutely love them, and I absolutely love the wall color with the white trim and dark floors. Brown and blue is my favorite color combo, so of course I would love this room!

    Small victories enable you to have the big ones in the end, ie A Finished (inhabitable) House!!

    Do you guys have a color scheme picked out for the kitchen yet? We're at a loss for color inspiration for our kitchen right now. Jas likes a sage green with our floors and eventually white painted cabinets, and I favor an Italian-esque tan, but we want the living room to be tan and are unsure about those 2 colors together downstairs...decisions decisions!


  2. Thanks Lacy! We haven't thought about our kitchen too much yet... I have some inspiration photos I could post of kitchens we like, but it will be awhile before we can really tackle our own since we haven't even done the demo on it yet. (Dreading that!)

    I like the idea of white cabinets in your kitchen. It will really brighten it up. You don't really have a lot of open wall space in there, so I'm thinking you could go with something kind of bolder like the green and it wouldn't be overpowering. And I think almost any color would go well with your floors.

    That might depend though - would you paint the dining room walls the same color as the kitchen since it's an open plan? You're right - decisions, decisions. It's supposed to be fun, but sometimes it's just stressful!

    You should post some updated pictures of your place! It's been awhile.


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