3,820 Projects in Progress

When you buy things for insanely cheap at auction, you don't necessarily get THE exact thing you wanted. Hence the extremely narrow hardwood we're putting throughout the upstairs. It's much prettier in person than in pictures, so we're really happy with how it looks. The problem is, even with the handy-dandy Porter-Cable pneumatic flooring nailer, all those skinny pieces are taking 4-ever to install. Of all the projects we have halfway done, this is the most daunting.

S getting ready to tap a board in place:
Upstairs hallway, in progress:
We have two bedrooms done, and the hallway is about 1/3 finished. So, progress. Definitely a good thing. Still, my knees start to develop callouses just thinking about how much we still have left to do.

Oh, and bonus photo of another half-finished project. When we put up the Tyvek 2 weeks ago, we didn't have time to cut out the top floor windows. And well, we still haven't had enough time, daylight or good weather to do it. The sign, though cliche by now, pretty much says it all:

The good news is that the upstairs is SO CLOSE to being done. We just have to tackle these half-finished projects one by one. Where to start?

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