Accomplishment: Stair Railing Edition

One of my elementary teachers always used to say, "Now give yourselves a pat on the back," whenever we'd do something smart. Even to a second grader that kinda got lame after awhile (cuz we were like, super smart all the time), but today my back is practically sore from all the pats I've been giving it this weekend. After about 5 weeks of preparation and measuring, we finally assembled all the pieces to the stair railing -- and it is awesome.

Check out the step-by-step process:

3 newel posts set in place
Measured and marked the spacing for the balusters. I'm not a math person but after 2 hours of puzzling I did an OK job.Drilled the holes for the balusters. The easiest, breeziest part of the show. Set the railing. (So hard! I had to stick my finger in a tiny hole underneath the rail and awkwardly screw on a nut without being able to see it. Much swearing ensued.)Trimmed and installed the balusters and the fillet strips in between Repeat! Voilà!Très Magnifique!
Even though we still have some details yet to finish, I have never loved a safety feature this much. *Pat pat pat.*


  1. I happened upon your blog a couple months ago. I've enjoyed watching this project unfold, and haven't commented until now, but I have to say: When I first heard the b&w railing idea, I though "ick". Now that I see what you've accomplished, it is beautiful. It looks...stately, even elegant. Great job! Anna

  2. Thanks so much Anna! I wasn't 100% convinced about the black for awhile either, even until the moment we started assembling. My husband kept reassuring me that it would come together in the end though, and he was right. If you have any qualms about any of my ideas in the future, feel free to speak up! I don't mind constructive criticism, even from strangers, if it keeps my house from looking "ick"!


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