Art on the Cheap

I don't consider myself to be an art snob by any means, but I do have a tough time finding pieces that I really love enough to a.) spend my money on, and b.) drive nails into my wall. This is not to say that I don't value art enough to pay artists for their great work; I'm just plain old broke right now from fixing my walls to begin with.

Thus, in my hunt for inexpensive artwork to spruce things up I recently discovered Vintage Printable, which has a collection of old public domain images that you can download free and print yourself. While I can't afford real vintage prints right now (someday?), I can spend a few dollars at Kinko's having reprints made for me. Here are a few my favorites that I might actually consider nailing to a precious wall:

Plant Genetics: Pretty and educational

More Plant Genetics: ditto and ditto
Hedgehog: The cutest of all the woodland creatures

Seeds: If I had a daughter (someday?) I might put this in her room. Although, that wolf is a little scary...
I don't plan on filling my whole house with reproductions of vintage prints, BUT one or two will make me feel much better about the decor situation at the ol' shack. Being able to afford art AND a heat pump is kind of a win-win if you ask me!

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