Home (Office) Sweet Home

I'm pretty sure that for the past 11 months, I have been the only telecommuter in the world who has had to drive 40 minutes to get to and from her office every day. Well, today is the beginning of a new era; at this very moment I am sitting in my own home, at my own desk, in front of my trusty work computer in my very own home office!

While S was supposedly "working late" last night, he was actually clandestinely carting my stuff from his grandparents' house (my former office) and setting it up in our spare bedroom. Let's talk for a second about how awesome my husband is. While some women have to worry about what their husbands are really doing when they say they're working late, mine is actually doing something incredibly thoughtful and amazing that makes my life easier!

My vanity table serves as a desk for now, and the framed poster (don't judge - I like it) keeps the sun out of my eyes in the early morning since this window faces east. Internet is a challenge where we live and because of the state of our renovation, so S researched some options and got me a Sprint wireless card. So far it's working well as long as I connect to my company's VPN only when necessary.

Since my desk is so small, this console table serves as my writing/work zone and general junk accumulation area.

I am so excited to be telecommuting for real now. Even though I've officially been working 1,200 miles away from my employer for almost a year, I finally feel legit. My boss even sent me this Maryland Labor Law poster today as the icing on the cake.

Buzzkill poster aside, I'm thrilled with my new workspace. And I love the fact that we've made enough progress on the house for me to start working here. Thank you husband! I love you even more than I love my new office.

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