Wild Things

Please ignore our Boo Radley yard for a moment and focus on the pretty visitors that stopped by again this week. They were practically ON the porch when I went outside a few mornings ago, and a lot of mutual startling occurred when I opened the door. Once everyone's feathers were done ruffling, I managed to dig out my camera and get a few shots of the ones that didn't run away.

Much better than that last picture I was able to take. Even though I nearly had a heart attack at the commotion, it was really surreal to see their gorgeous plumes stick up in defense when I accidentally disturbed their breakfast.

And here is a cute little flower that S and I discovered in front of the house yesterday. I think it's a petunia, but I'm not particularly a flower expert. (Anyone?)

We're not sure how it got there. Perhaps it is a straggler from a now-defunct flower bed. Either way, it's been interesting to see nature taking its course in the places of our yard that we haven't been disturbing. Peacocks regularly come to visit, and bright flowers pop up out of weeds. Maybe a tornado will blow through and deliver our giant scrap pile directly to the recycling center?

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  1. I love blue, hence I love Peacocks! That is so awesome...as long as they're not destroying anything! You got it, that's a petunia, and a cute little petunia he is. :) I'm so glad you guys are making (decorative) progress. I love the black stain you guys picked out...that was a good choice. You're probably ecstatic about officially working from home! I know I would be if I had your job. It probably hasn't felt 100% like "working from home" until now right? I'm still trying to pick paint color. I'm being so indecisive because I really don't want to buy gallons of paint and then hate it once it's on the walls, and we really don't feel like going through the hastle of buying the small test cans either. Ahhh! I just want it to be right.

    Hope all is well in MD!



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