Can we eat dinner at your house?

This dusty, eerily lit mess is what we like to call our "kitchen." Demolition officially began last week, and what you see on the floor are chunks of horsehair plaster and a little soot from the chimney. Yum.

The kitchen currently has no ceiling (and the room above no floor) as the joists were warped pretty badly and have to be replaced. Until then, it's just one big open space all the way to the roof. It also has no plumbing, no appliances and no normal kitchen features at all... but it will someday, after all of this grossness gets ripped down and hauled out!

I'm really excited about how big it will be. In the shot above, the wall with the doorway and that fine wood paneling will be knocked down to open the room completely. Designing the layout will be interesting considering there are stairs and a fireplace to work around, but those features could really make it awesome in here.

View from the top
Step aside, HGTV. This is going to take a little more than a coat of paint and some new drawer pulls.

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