An Evening in Providence

Waterfire is one of Providence's most magical and memorable events, and S and I were lucky enough to be passing through the city last Saturday in time to see it. We were amazed at how attendance has seemed to explode in the last 4 years since we were in college. People everywhere!

In case you aren't familiar with it, Waterfire is an art installation that occurs several times a year in downtown Providence. Big torches are lit in the waterways that course throughout the city, and the overall sensual mood is enhanced with music, delicious smells from street vendors, performances, gondola rides and other romantic happenings. Check it out sometime - it's wonderful.

After a fun dinner we headed back to our hotel, the NYLO in Warwick, to get some rest for the remainder of our trip to Baltimore. Not only was it really inexpensive, but it was ultra modern and stylish with its hip lobby and restaurants, solid concrete walls and floors, barn-style sliding bathroom doors (I want one!!!) and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Definitely a nice place to crash when passing through Rhode Island. (Note: S and I don't have TV right now, so our standards for what constitutes a great hotel stay may be on the low side. Food Network = luxurious living for us.) We were only in town for a few hours, so we apologize to everyone we weren't able to see. That said - who's going to the 5 year reunion this spring? Count us in! (Are we really sure it's been 5 years for real???)

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