Friends as Furniture, Volume I: Jen

If you haven't already, meet my beautiful sister-in-law, Jen. Also meet her 6 week old son, whose fresh little identity I shall protect for now by not blasting his name all over the internets. (Hey lil fella! Your Auntie Em loves you!)

Jen is a wife to my crazy-awesome brother, mom of 2 crazy-adorable boys, crafter, teacher, author and all around sweet person. And if Jen were a chair, she'd be this one:

The Josette Chair (Pier 1)

Jen loves bold color and happy prints, so we've got that covered. But she's not ostentatious or overbearing, so the scaled down dimensions and tidy upholstery show the right amount of stylish restraint. And the color choices themselves are spot on, as I'm pretty sure every color on this chair is used as a wall color somewhere in their house.

Jen, this chair needs to be in your house. FYI.

Post Script: What started as an inside joke has been so fun that I might just have to psychoanalyze all my friends and family to determine what furniture they resemble. Who wants to be next?


  1. You have certainly captured our Jen both in words and decor-- not to mention making me sorely miss the boys (was missing them anyway). I nominate LeAnne for your next Friend as Furniture profile.

  2. aww thanks, K! I love it! And if anyone wants to see this perfect pairing of me and this chair become a reality, I'm accepting donations.


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