Hooked Up x 2

We bought these Ironwork Hooks for our bathroom months ago and never got around to hanging them until this week -- probably because we still don't have hot water and have no real need for places to hang things quite yet.

Size matters. They're much bigger than most other cast iron hooks.

For your robe, when you visit:

For your post-shower soggy towels:

The propane guy is supposed to come today to hook up our tank (woohoo), which is our last remaining barrier to having hot water. (The water heater is all ready to go.) However... it's pouring, so I wouldn't be shocked if he reschedules.

Either way, we'll be more than ready when he comes.

UPDATE: He's here! Hot showers tonight for one and all!!!


  1. I love those hooks. That is such a nifty idea. Did you get that curved shower rod at Lowe's? It looks exactly like the one in our bathroom. It makes the shower so roomy!

  2. Hmm... I think we did buy that shower curtain rod at Lowe's. Lowe's and Home Depot are literally right next to each other in our town, so we hop (not so literally) back and forth to find what we want. I took my first shower in our bathroom this morning, and it was almost TOO roomy in there with the curved rod! I'm sure it won't be hard to get used to though!

  3. I'm pretty lanky and extra elbow room is always a plus!


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