Labor Day Laboring

If anyone has noticed my silence for the past few days (probably not), please know it's because my computer had a brush with death and I've been working to revive it. Fortunately a new CPU fan (cost: $10) seemed to be all it needed to perk back up. Praise the Lord.

Anyway, it feels good to be back in business, because some good developments happened over Labor Day Weekend:

The neighbors brought over some fresh eggs from their henhouse. Pretty and delicious!
And my parents down from PA came to help out! Here's my dad prepping the steps to be stained:

Dad put the first coat of stain on the stairs while they were here and gave us some pro tips on finishing them up. Using woodshop teacher-approved techniques, I have since applied the second (and final) coat of stain as well as one coat of polyurethane so far. After another coat or two of finish, I will start the fun process of painting the risers and the casing. Oh, how I dread more painting...

I do have up-to-date pics of the stairs with their sweet new finish, but I'm going to wait to post them until the process is completely done. Things look a little (and by a little I mean a LOT) messy right now, so I don't want anyone to lose faith in the project before it's finished.

Don't hold your breath quite yet for the final product though -- S and I are going to be on vacation in Maine all next week, so we will be taking a much-needed break from this house madness for a few days.

But prepare yourself for when we get back... We've got big plans, baby.


  1. I've noticed you've been MIA! (I check this site everyday for updates! I'm not weird, honestly, I'm just fascinated by your "taking-on" this huge, but awesome project) I am really jealous that you guys are going to Maine. I really want to go there. Jas and I are planning a trip up there in the next year or 2. Are you staying with friends? You must post pictures! Have a blast! ~Lacy

  2. Thanks for the loyalty Lace! I think some people are starting to get weary of me talking about this darn house all the time...

    I am so excited about this trip. I've never been to Maine, so this will be a new adventure. We are staying with two other couples at a lake house near Boothbay Harbor. I'm looking forward to a week of relaxing, kayaking, exploring and hanging out. Two more days!

    How has your house been coming along? Is your chest freezer organization chart still up-to-date? I have great admiration for that!


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