Boards and Battens

Sorry this is ultra blurry, but my dad texted this picture last night after he picked up our lumber from the Amish fellow in PA who milled and dried it for us. Eventually this stack of wood will be the board and batten siding that will cover our house's shame.

Soon, house, you'll look a little less ghetto from the rear.

Still not 100% decided on what color we want to paint it yet. Any suggestions? Today I'm leaning this direction.

PS - Thanks everyone for all the nice emails about the blog I've been receiving lately! It's fun for me to share all of this with you!


  1. Ha! I was just going to suggest that color! We love that color scheme. With the board and batten, I think something like a midnight blue/light navy would look good, too. So the barn red is out now?

  2. Glad to have your vote, Lace! Barn red is not ruled out quite yet. The top picks right now are 1) that sage-y green, 2) a light tan that would complement the chinking and 3) barn red. We have also talked about staining the siding to match the logs. The main problem is this part of the house is so big (too big and out of scale) that I worry any color choice would overwhelm the place. Unfortunately the outside is my least favorite part of the house, so I have to pick something that will help me live with it better!!!

  3. Have you considered staining vs. painting? Do you recall that beautiful estate en route to Greencastle-- log guest house with barn and outbuildings stained a colonial green?


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