Bowls and Books

I could post new pictures of the ongoing drywalling process in the living room, but those are rather gray and boring and I'm just not feelin gray and boring today. So, continuing the turquoise trend from the last post, here is the little stoneware Lotus bowl I bought for $4 at Anthropologie on Saturday.

I can't leave that store without buying something, and fortunately this time I happened to love the cheapest little thing in the store. Now it will perform a critical task in my home office: corralling my candy so I can satisfy the occasional mid-afternoon sugar craving.

What I really, REALLY wanted were these, which I've been looking for and drooling over for months and finally saw on Saturday, but I restrained myself and am hoping the birthday fairy will get them for me.
Oh Birthday Fairyyy...

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  1. You have always had an eye for understated elegance--witness the bowl. The birthday fairy thinks the classy classics will make quite a statement whether open or closed...


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