Dream Kitchen

I've looked at a LOT of kitchens for inspiration throughout the past year, wasting an embarrassing number of hours of my life on this one mission. But ever since I bookmarked this picture at Remodelista around February, nothing else I've seen has remotely compared. I even stopped looking for inspirational photos recently (gasp!), because I keep coming back to this one. It has so many of the elements we're looking for:
  • Stained/glazed concrete floor
  • Professional range and appliances
  • Stainless countertops
  • Chalkboard or chalkboard paint (an S favorite)
  • Schoolhouse lighting
  • Mobile island/prep area
Our kitchen, however, will have some features that the photo doesn't: wall ovens, more open shelving and non-traditional storage, a rustic brick fireplace and a century-old curved staircase. So don't worry, we have a vision and it won't be an exact carbon copy of the one in the picture. Unless the owner wants to trade houses...
Whaddya think? Likes? Dislikes?
Also who wants to come for dinner, say, next year sometime?


  1. Looks tailor-made for you two. A well-placed, serviceable antique piece would complement the old fireplace and tie kitchen in with rest of house, but not absolutely essential. This is first kitchen I have seen that has the microwave built in under the counter as we have done with ours; saves much-needed counter space, eliminates potential accidents associated with
    eye-level mounts, and provides easy access to contents. Are you going to have built-in cupboards as pictured or still contemplating open shelving?

  2. Well, S is really into the open shelving situation... I wouldn't mind having some base cabinets, though, to hide some of the less attractive cooking accoutrement as well as save myself some cleaning. We have some planning to do before we can fully decide though.

    I do want to get some sort of antique pantry cupboard or similar piece to tie it in with the rest of the house. I've already started looking around because that part is fun, but it's kind of pointless until the layout is established!


Thanks for reading! I love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!