I spy with my little eye...

...something totally awesome on the Urban Outfitters homepage today. Can you spot it?

I'll give you a hint:
My own little stool is feeling some surprise hipster love today! UO doesn't seem to be actually selling their version, probably because it's just too cool for the masses. Or maybe their stylists and I own the only two stools in the world that look like this.

Or maybe they don't sell it because the pointy feet WILL scratch your floor if you don't put those dorky little felt pads on the bottom. Whatever the case, little 47 is standing a little taller today after seeing his likeness on the internet.


  1. Ahhhh.... it's the little things in life that bring us the greatest joys. To think a small,galvanized, 4-legged stool could gain such a special place in your heart. It will be the one thing that will follow you from room to room not only as you complete your home renovation, but as your life melts into your home in the days ahead...you will sit on the stool to give your dogs a bath... to french-braid the hair of your daughter... to clean the mud and dirt from your son's ears after a day of playing outdoors. Your future is bright and full of promise.. you, S and 47.

    I totally love this blog, Emily. Your writing is witty, fresh and a treat to read. Love following along with you. Thanks for sharing!!! megc

  2. Thanks Meg! You almost made me tear up a little there. :-)


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