Meet Bill

This Bil-Jax drywall lift is the newest member of our living room construction crew, previously comprised of just S and me, along with an occasional (real person) guest helper.

Yes, we are currently drywalling, which is truly exciting because finishing the living room will effectively double our current available and functioning living space. This is huge on so many levels!

According to WikiAnswers, a standard sheet of 4' x 12' x 1/2" drywall weighs between 82 and 110 pounds. There's some fuzzy math going on there, but whatever its real weight, one of these big boys is a little awkward for 2 tired non-professionals to handle when the poundage is distributed across 48 square feet and held above your head against an 8 foot ceiling. Especially when one of us has Spongebob arms.

We debated about whether we should rent the thing, but after using it successfully to hang 2 sheets thus far without dropping anything, damaging any body parts or getting divorced, we have agreed it was well worth the $80 per week fee. Thanks to Bill, barring any unexpected disasters and already accounting for the inevitable Thursday night TV binge, this ceiling should only take a week.



  1. That thing is a life saver. We used in many time and hell i put a celing up in a day whats taking so long

  2. $80 a WEEK? Where do you live? Tanzania? I'm doubly glad you got it though, as one, you will post more pictures sooner, and two, you'll live to start the next project :-) Anna


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