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My lovely good friend Georgia (alias: Flynneous) from the ol' college days just posted a great fall playlist on her blog, and because her list was wonderful, and because the view out my window is amazing (see above), I'm feeling inspired to do the same.

I'm trying not to have repeats from her list, but it was hard since we have similar folksy taste. Some of these are old favorites; others are new discoveries. Click the links to listen free!
  • Young Friend {Brooke Waggoner} - Buy ALL of this girl's albums immediately. I just got her new one, Go Easy Little Doves, last week and have been listening on repeat. Harps! Pianos! Romance!

  • English House {Fleet Foxes} - Give it a chance. You just might like it.

  • Deer {Natalie Prass} - Makes me want to jump in some leaves!

  • These Four Walls {Shawn Colvin - a perpetual favorite} - An ode to the house. "Show me trouble I'll take him down/...And everything's safe and everything's sound/In these four walls."

  • Boy with a Coin {Iron and Wine} - One of S's favorite songs ever, maybe because it reminds him of our favorite restaurant in Miami, though he claims to not like any other Iron and Wine songs in the least.

  • Please Read the Letter {Robert Plant and Alison Krauss} - I love Alison, S loves Led Zeppelin, match made in heaven. So read that letter, preferably while drinking a hot cider during the inaugural wearing of your favorite autumnal sweater.

  • Take It From Me {The Weepies} - Deb Talan is a fellow Brown grad (and RS major!) who writes such melancholy yet sweetly pretty things.

  • Let It Fall {Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek and Glen Philips of Toad the Wet Sprocket} - Two of my favorites join together in one of my ALL TIME favorite songs, complete with awesome, redemptive lyrics and some irregular 7/8 measures mixed in. (Try tapping your foot to regular a 4/4 beat and you'll see what I'm talking about. Yes I was/am a band geek.)

  • Burden of our Courage {Brooke Waggoner} - Listen to this and think about pilgrims, both of the Thanksgiving tricorn hat and general religious varieties. The title is actually spelled "Burdon" (meaning: a pilgrim's staff) on the copy I have, and this song speaks of hunger, spiritual food and how "the magnitude of everything You ever said/kept us well and fed."

  • Love Song for Terranova {Jacob Zachary} - A friend of my brother and sister-in-law's, who I hope gets really famous someday for his thoughtful Southern gothic guitar and vocals. This might not be his most impressive, but it gets me. "I think about you all the time/and it helps my mind."

So this is what fall sounds like at our house. (Am I allowed to call it a house yet if it still has no heat and no kitchen?) Apparently fall sounds like a lap steel and a slight twang. Humor me and give 'em a try. Let me know if you have anything to add, or if you discovered something you like!


  1. I'm dying for the new Brooke Waggoner! If only they would put it on Google China's free music. I love fall.

  2. That view is out your window? Incredible. Absolutely beautiful. Count your blessings - those are the images you'll look back on one day with pangs of nostalgia. Love Let It Fall! Thanks, Anna

  3. I just have to comment again. I listened to every song on this page and I almost-dreamily tumbled into the autumnal ether. I copied this page to my HD because I'll probably end up downloading every song. Love the list. Share more anytime. Thanks again, Anna

  4. the leaves are beautiful..


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