Some shades of green to take away the blues

It's been a miserably cold and rainy week here, resulting in little progress around the house... so let's talk about some happy green walls to cheer away these (extremely premature) winter blues!

This is our bedroom right now, and it's kind of sad because I have spent exactly zero hours styling and decorating it. I didn't even straighten the pillows or hide the lamp cord before snapping this picture. The IKEA Malm bed doesn't fit the aesthetic of this house at all, let alone this room. But since this is eventually going to be a guest or kid's bedroom, and because we have about 8 thousand other things going on, I am hesitant to put a ton of effort into fancying it up right now.

That hasn't stopped me from looking for inspiration, though, for when we turn this space into a guest room. The turquoise-with-a-hint-of-seafoam color is a tricky one to work with, and unfortunately my search has shown me that well executed rooms with this wall color seem to be rare. Some though, like the following, I could definitely live with:

This gives me bedframe and antler envy. (via d*s)
How much does this room make you want to write a letter to an old friend? (via d*s)

Not a bedroom, but its smart restraint is quite nice. (via AT)

A little mish-mashy, but casual and inviting. (via houseofturquoise)

Perhaps too pale and too Californian, but there's something I like about it anyway. (via decorpad) Paler still, but so calm I feel a nap coming on. (Mom, do you see that sliver of lamp on the right?) (via Country Living)

I feel a little less gray and chilly already! There's something so soothing about these shades of turquoise. Now if only I had a stove and a tea kettle, I might be able to cope with this awful weather.


  1. Call me Hawkeye-- or La Longue Carabine (aka Last of the Mohicans). But, yes, I did spy that lamp, not to mention the hat on the bedframe in the photo above it (I think that hat is a subliminal reminder of your room at home and the hat that hangs on that bed...) Because I entertain the fantasy that if you were inspired to write letters (especially of of the hand-written variety) I would be among the recipients, my vote is for the room that engenders those letter-writing musings. I couldn't help noting a remarkable resemblance between the stool in that room and your ol' "47"... must be a sign.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this because as I took a detour over to houseofturquoise.com, I discovered, on the same page, the chocolate blues. I am a blue and brown fanatic, hence our wedding colors. I will now be an enthusiastic subscriber to this new blog, hopefully gaining some much needed inspiration and new insight into this awesome color combination. *By the way, my favorite is the first picture above...by far the "homiest." I also noticed "47" in the 2nd picture as well. Like your mom said, it is meant to be.

  3. Lace, how's your house coming? Did you decide what color to paint the kitchen? I'm glad you liked House of Turquoise - it made me think of you. Some of the rooms on there are a little over the top (some people REALLY LOVE turquoise), but some are just right and have some neat ideas.

    Mom, if I did write handwritten letters, rest assured you would be among the first of my recipients. I have a hard time keeping up with emails though, so I hope no one has any expectations about this!

  4. Green is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue.


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