Weekend Play-by-Play

1. Saturday morning we drove in the pouring rain to Pennsylvania and picked up our siding from my parents' house as well as the chinking, stain and sealant for our logs at Hess Log Home Supply. Chris is outside working on the logs at this very moment, and he has estimated that the restoration process inside and out should be done in about 2 weeks!

Like I said before, the whole front is being redesigned. Don't give up on us just yet!
2. While S and his dad drove the trailer home with the goods, I stayed at my parents' house until the next morning because I hadn't hung out with them in awhile. Scout was, well, thrilled... and snuck into my bed during the night and tried to lay on my face.

3. Home alone, S encountered an intruder of his own -- the uninvited bird who left his calling card on our steps last week -- during a late-night bathroom trip. He spent about 2 hours trying to trap it, shoo it outside and clean up its droppings. I wishwishwish I had video footage of this escapade! When I got home there were various items strewn all over the hallway, where S had thrown them in attempt to knock the poor bird unconscious, since it would apparently go into attack mode whenever he'd manage to throw a towel over it to scoop it up.

4. Got this really cool crate on wheels from my parents as a birthday present. It says "Liberty Explosives" on the side. I love it and have filled it with books I'm reading for projects articles I'm writing at work.

(In case you didn't know: I work for a marketing-to-women firm doing various marketing, PR, training and research projects - basically a lil bit of everything. Some of these books are for a series of articles I'm writing for a big-name bank to teach their financial advisors how to improve business with women clients. The rest of the books are for web content I'm developing for a client who has created a Viagra-esque dietary supplement for women!!! Who says work shouldn't be fun??)

5. Sat around on Sunday and did absolutely nothing productive at the house except a little cleaning, which doesn't count because this house creates dirt faster than I can clean it up. There is plenty of painting, insulating, drywalling and spackling we could've done... but sometimes, like on the eve of your 26th birthday, you just want to sit there, look pretty and read a magazine, you know?


Thanks for reading! I love your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!