Are you tired of siding pictures yet?

Good news... Except for the tiny sliver of the gable you see at the top of the picture, the siding is DONE! Well, I should say that it's HUNG. Now we have to caulk it (wake me when it's over) and at least get the primer/sealer on it before the temperatures drop too low.

So what do you think?

I am so thrilled I could jump up and down. And I did. And I might again.

In other news, the chinking is more than halfway done, and it is looking AWESOME.

It reminds me of a stack of whoopie pies.

I think I'm actually starting to fall in love with this place a little bit. A LITTLE bit.


  1. So glad you took on the herculean task of documenting this other herculean task. Without the visuals, inside and out, how would anyone ever fathom the scale of this project and fully appreciate your vision (and stalwart spirits) in lifting those hammers for the first time and bringing down those walls and ceilings (not to mention entire additions.) Beginning to develop my own vision of how the interior will take shape.

  2. Love, love, love it! What progress! The siding complements the logs so well. You guys must be thrilled. I know I am, and it's not my house! Woop-woop! :)


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