Corn Blasting

Our log guy (and S's childhood friend) Chris has spent the past 2 weeks repairing our exterior logs, and the guys spent Saturday corn blasting. It's dusty, noisy and a lot like sandblasting except with ground corn cobs, which strip off the grime and bring new life into the wood.
I hate posting exterior pictures because it's embarrassing right now... but here goes:

(below) Yeah, we still need to install another window someday.

(below) Feeding the drum.

(below) Right side done; now onto the front. (below) After blasting, Chris begins to stain!

Notice in the last pic how the left section (the kitchen) is still being propped on stilts since the new foundation has yet to be poured. Still lots to do out here:

  • Pour foundation under kitchen. (Um, very important.)
  • Remove old front door (far left) and replace/rearrange windows on kitchen side.
  • Replace the siding on the kitchen section and the front gable.
  • Design and build the front porch. (This will help a lot.)
  • Install window(s) on the top floor of the log section.
  • Install Perma-Chink between logs. (Happening this week!)
  • Clean and repoint the stone foundation.

So, I know it still looks a mess, but at least we're getting somewhere. Stay tuned for more!

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