Mmm Mmm Good

As you know, we don't have any sort of kitchen right now. In fact, we can't even find our microwave, which is probably hidden in a box somewhere in the depths of our scary garage (which I still avoid at all costs.) Fortunately S's parents live nearby and we do all our cooking and eating at their house.

However, things have been getting super busy at work lately. For two weeks I haven't had time to pop over to the in-laws' to grab lunch. I can eat only so many protein bars and other things that don't require cooking or refrigeration before I go crazy, so S came up with this fancy solution for me:

Yes, that gross looking mess is soup simmering in a coffee pot. Unpleasant looking, yes, but also warm, delicious and far superior to eating yet another banana with peanut butter smeared on it for lunch. What a genius husband I have.

OK, so now that I've had my 5 minute blogging break, I have to get back to work. Before Thanksgiving rolls around I have twice as much writing, designing and revising than is humanly possible for one person to do. It's a rare, good thing to be busy these days, so I'm trying not to freak out too much... but it's going to be a tough month all the same.

In the evenings, S and I are still working on drywalling the living room and need to have most of the siding primed by Monday. We have given in and decided to hire a local carpenter to put up our siding. Since S has been working like an even crazier madman than usual lately too, there's just no way we can do everything ourselves before winter. The carpenter is in need of work and is giving us a pretty good deal, so hopefully everyone will win in this scenario.

So if you don't hear from me much during the next few weeks, it's either because my brain can no longer string words together or my tired fingers have gone on strike. I will miss you until next time!


  1. You're a perfect candidate for bentos lunches. Except you have to have the time to pack them. I bought a thermal bentos jar (4 container). It can be packed either cold or hot. If I preheat the containers w/ boiling water and put it in the thermal jar, something I pace at 5 am is still steaming hot at noon. I love it because my habitat is a cube and with the bentos I can graze therough the day, much more suited to my style. I have one that is made by Z...Z something. I think it's like zorua...hell I don't know what it is, and I'm working so I can't be on the net much more. When your life is "normal" though you should look into the bentos thing. People get so creative with them. This one lady must pack her 3 year olds lunch to look like a Van Gogh or something every day. But you have to have a way to get everything packed...just seeing how creative you are though led my thought to the bentos. Btw, still loving the music.

  2. Anna - so glad you're enjoying the music. I am putting another playlist together for winter and will post it in a few weeks!

    I know exactly what you're talking about with the bento boxes. I'm glad you reminded me. I have one bookmarked to buy for myself eventually!


    I am a grazer too, and I am getting a LITTLE tired of the same old easy options every day. I need some more variety. The bento lunches are brilliant. My biggest problem: planning in advance!


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