More Siding Progress

Fun fact about board and batten siding: you have to prime the back before you hang it so that it's good and sealed to prevent water damage in case of any leaks. So S and I spent all day Saturday priming and stacking board after board in the comfort of our driveway. I think I noticed the traces a burgeoning bicep in the shower yesterday, so all this hard work might have some side benefits.

We bought a Graco Magnum sprayer to help with the job because a.) it's way cheaper to buy it than to rent it for 2 or more days, b.) it would take a million years and 2 million rollers to roll the rough boards by hand, and c.) we have lots more painting to do both inside and outside of the house.

Warning: don't let the return hose fall out of the paint bucket. Mess + wasted paint = cry.
We finished priming about half of the wood on Saturday. We would've gotten further if the temperature hadn't waited until almost noon to get above freezing.

Now we have some nice stacks of wood ready for the carpenters to do their magic. They should be starting with the actual hanging tomorrow, since they are finishing putting up the furring strips and insulation today. That's pretty exciting.

Even more exciting -- S is off work today, so he is doing the rest of the priming without me. ☺

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