Preview: The "Hillbilly Special"

"This is a custom design I like to call the Hillbilly Special." -- Rick the carpenter
I'm too excited to keep this under wraps, so here's a preview of the siding. Rick tacked these boards up today to get our opinion about the bottom edge. What do you think - doesn't the horizontal board make everything look so tidy?

(Equally as important, who is going to fix that crack in the foundation? Yikes.)

We are really impressed with Rick, who has been full of ingenius ideas to minimize water penetration, prevent bees from building nests, etc. For example, he suggested that the bottom of the batten and the top edge of the horizontal piece be cut at overlapping 45 degree angles so that water will have no place to rest. Brilliant! If only he had a smart solution for successfully keeping his pants up.

PS - Sorry if these images aren't the best quality. I'm snapping them on my blackberry as I come and go, then uploading them without cropping or editing. I'm short on time but long on exciting developments these days, so I have to make some tradeoffs here and there!


  1. Hats off (and pants up) to Rick for the obvious uptick in your level of enthusiasm. Can't wait to see the finished product. Decide yet on a color?

  2. We're pretty close to a final decision! We're weighing two very different options. However, S was in the paint store this weekend talking to a guy he knows who paints all the historical houses around, and the guy said we should make sure our primer/sealant is good and dry and hard before we paint over it -- like to the point of waiting a few weeks until it's completely cured. He said we should maybe even wait until spring to do the actual painting. So we'll see how far we get before winter comes in full swing.


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