Siding on all Sides

Hi. Remember me? As anticipated, I've been a little absent lately because work has been mega busy. I sheepishly admit to getting a nice break over the weekend though, as I spent 3 days in Miami/Fort Lauderdale attending my boss's daughter's wedding, celebrating a milestone at our company and catching up with some amazing girlfriends. It was a little hard to come home...

Saturday lunch on Fort Lauderdale Beach
Getting to see my hubby after a few days' absence was one of two things that made coming back exciting -- the second was seeing progress on the siding. Here's the right side of the house as of this afternoon:
It's a work in progress, but it's really starting to look like something! Below are the options for the horizontal piece that will run the entire way around the board and batten section. (The short pieces are just for decision making purposes.) What do you think - fatter or thinner? In the picture I like fatter... in person I like thinner. We have to decide by tomorrow...

Rick and his assistant TomTom, in a rare moment of peace and cooperation.

Fortunately Rick's underwear was providing good coverage, because it usually rides down along with the pants.

So far, the carpenters have spent 4 days putting up the actual siding. (They got only 2 days in last week because of weather.) Rick estimates that they'll be done by Thursday, barring any issues. It might not beat being in Miami during the most beautiful part of the year... but it sure is exciting enough to keep me going!


  1. My vote is for the thinner piece...the space isn't tall enough for the fatter piece, in my opinion, for what it's worth!

  2. Susie likes the thinner piece too!

  3. I'm glad you guys feel that way too! Thanks for the input. Rick and Tom are outside putting up the thin piece right now. S was the only one who liked the fat piece, so he conceded. Thin is in!


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