Siding Progress

Our carpenter Rick, who accurately describes himself as a "six-foot-two hillbilly," came yesterday and started putting up the horizontal furring strips to which the siding will be nailed. One of the advantages of board and batten siding is the ability to put an additional layer of insulation behind it, as Rick is currently installing between the furring strips. Yay warmth!

He's moving pretty quickly and thinks he could possibly have the whole project done by next Friday. Rick is awesome. His only drawback is the insane amount of crack he shows at all times.

I hope the little birdies who have built nests in the eaves (and who flutter against my office window at random) enjoy their heyday while it lasts. Rick will be doing the soffit as well, so they are about to be evicted.

Bird chilling on the AC unit, which we need to retire for the winter.

Anyone know of a way to smoke them out or something before we put up the soffit?

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