Wired Accessories

Our living room will have some pretty big, heavy pieces in it, including a dark leather couch and an old cigar trunk for a coffee table. It's not really my style to have rooms completely full of hefty furniture (the couch was S's choice), so I've had my eye on several different wire framed accessories that I think would be helpful in balancing out the big stuff.

Some of my favorites:

Wire Magazine Holder from Haus Interior ($65)

The versatile Formosa Tray Table from CB2 ($49.95) - This one might have to be mine (eventually).

George Kovacs Chrome Arc Floor Lamp at Lumens ($330)

Against my better judgment because of its outrageous price, the Eames Molded Plastic Rocker at Design Within Reach ($479)

The classic Butterfly Chair - available 3,820 places including Butterflychairs.com ($15 for cheap ones various places to $250+ for leather). I have one leftover from college, and I think I'm going to make a new canvas cover for it to convince S that it's cool.

As with everything in life (and decorating), it's all about establishing a balance. Any other great ideas for keeping your style reined in and your furniture in harmony?


  1. Have you considered or ever sat on a Poang chair at IKEA? Looks are deceiving because they are incredibly comfortable. When Jas and I get more space, we are getting 2. They range in price from $99-$199. I think they would complement your style...just a suggestion.

  2. The Poang chair is pretty comfortable, and I like the simple lines of it too. Good suggestion! I will have to check them out again to see how well they are made.

    Some Ikea pieces have been great for us... some have basically been disposable. Right now I'm definitely looking for some pieces that have some longevity. One stupid Ikea couch we had lasted less than a year. It was nice looking while it lasted, but it was a waste of money.

    We'll probably have our dressers though for several more years, so some things are worthwhile. You just have to buy carefully!

  3. I (aka: Yoori) have the Design Within Reach chair! in blue!
    ... and my hair salong has severalllll

  4. Vero- Yoori? Have something stylish and pricey and cool? No way! And actually I knew that already but forgot, because I was coveting it when I was looking at your Halloween pictures. Have a sit in it and think of me. (Is it comfy?)

    PS - I was just thinking/laughing about you literally sixty seconds ago as I carefully poured water from my Brita pitcher into a water bottle!


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