Bathroom Clutter Control

Our guest bathroom (currently our only bathroom) has been a work in progress for months. The idea was to get the basics finished and worry about making it nice and cozy after we accomplished some other projects around the house.

Being the vain people that we are, we tend to accumulate tons of grooming and beauty products. (Why do I have FOUR types of moisturizer?) Since organizational details hadn't been a major focus in the initial renovation, over time we began to need a solution to keep our stuff properly wrangled.

Enter the Kroken cutlery caddy from IKEA, hung on the bathroom wall just last night. The faux wrought iron look complements the Anthropologie towel hooks quite nicely, I think. Bonus: the buckets have holes in the bottom for drainage.

We had a brief debate about how high it should be hung, but after trying a few options we agreed on this spot because it was easily accessible yet out of arms' way. (Admit it. That was the pun of the century.)

Slowly but surely, bathroom, you're coming into your own. At the very least, you've come a long, long way from your original state! In case anyone forgets what the original looked like, here's a photo:


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