Holiday How-To: Technicolor Ornament Wreath

I've always loved colorful things and making collages, so this wreath makes me happy on multiple levels. Martha Stewart has a fancy how-to on her website for making a similar ball wreath, but 1) using glass balls all wrapped together seems like a terrible idea to me (what if one breaks, Martha?), and 2) her version is a little obsessive in its use of floral tape and seam binding for my level of patience. So basically mine is the shortcut, cheap-o version. (And don't tell Martha but I like mine better!)

What you'll need:
  • Wreath Form (I used an 18" straw version, but you could use styrofoam)
  • At least 200 plastic balls/ornaments of all sizes and shapes for an 18" wreath (I bought lots of silver and gold balls at the "Everything's a Dollar" store for cheap, plus a couple tubs of colorful ones at Target. Multiple sizes are recommended for filling in gaps. The crazier the better.)
  • Fabric or paint of your choice to cover the wreath form
  • Craft wire
  • Hot glue gun or fast-drying clear craft glue
  • Twine or heavy ribbon for hanging

How To:

This is the easiest thing ever, so I probably don't need to write out the steps... but here goes anyway:

  1. Wrap the wreath form in fabric and secure the ends with glue, or spray paint it so the form doesn't show through any gaps. (I didn't do either of these, but if you want it to look extra good you might want to.) Let dry.
  2. Tie a large loop of twine or ribbon around the wreath now so you can hang it when it's done. Trust me -- it will be way too hard to do it once the balls are on it!
  3. With the wreath lying flat, secure the first few balls at various points all over the form with wire and glue so that you have a solid base. I don't think there's any real technique to this part. I start with some of the duller silver and gold balls first to save the prettiest ones for the top layers.
  4. Once you have the first one or two dozen firmly secured, start gluing the rest and filling in gaps. I work in various places all over the wreath at once to make sure it's laid out with relative symmetry and evenness. My advice for this: don't place the balls on the first layer too close together -- you'll be filling in gaps with second and third layers, so leave space for them to nestle in.
  5. Let dry thoroughly, and hang it someplace where it won't take a beating (i.e. not on a high-traffic door.) Stare at it regularly to let Christmas cheer fill your soul.

Some tidbits of advice: Always think ahead regarding groupings of color and size. Also consider that your wreath has a top and bottom since you've already tied the twine. And be sure not to glue any balls in a way that would obstruct the twine, because they'll pop off when you hang it.

Word of Caution: Transport and store your wreath carefully. Mine has survived a few moves, but not without having to reattach some ornaments along the way. It's a labor of love, having a wreath this cool and festive.


  1. Gorgeous! I love it. Way to go, Martha!

  2. What a fun piece-- as much at home above an urban fireplace as on a rustic country gate. Love the bright colors and varied shapes.

  3. I have one of these! Wonder who made it for me...

  4. Veronica, do you actually still have it? Is it missing half the ornaments? I thought it would be long fallen apart by now, especially since you moved.

  5. I love this! I reposted it on my blog (http://missvinylahoy.wordpress.com)
    I hope you don't mind! I linked to this post, your blog and the Design*Sponge link :)
    Great idea!!

  6. That looks awesome! Great job. So festive.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm happy to be spreading some festive feelings around. And Suze -- thanks so much for reposting!

  8. a quick question (as I'm about to tackle one of these myself) - when you mention securing the first few balls with wire and glue for a solid base, how do you secure the wire to the wreath? Do you tie it around the entire ring? Could you just glue the first few balls or is it better to wire them as well? I've never used craft wire before (although I'm a born glue-gunner), so I'm just curious! I followed the link here from design*sponge and I absolutely love this idea - thanks for posting it and for further advice on the project!

  9. Hi medieval woman! Thanks for stopping by. I have made several of these wreaths and done it multiple ways. (I've even skipped the step with the wire and it turned out fine... I just like a little extra support at the beginning when possible!)

    The main reason I included the step with the wire is because it can be tough to keep the first several ornaments in place since they have nothing to rest against while the glue dries. The wire just sort of keeps them in place so you can keep working. Hopefully that makes sense.

    So what I recommend is just wrapping some wire around the wreath a couple times, then attaching a handful ornaments to that wire (with more wire) so you have a little cluster of ornaments together as a kind of starting point. I also (very generously) glue these in place. I do this in maybe 4 or 5 spots around the wreath. Then I just go into a glue gun frenzy with the rest of the ornaments!

    Please let me know how your project turns out! I would love to see pictures.

  10. gotcha! Thanks for the clarification - I'm heading to CVS (for ornaments) and Michael's tomorrow!!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. I just got a ton of super cool ornaments from Target : ) My plan is to wrap the wreath in silver garland in case any of the wreath shows it'll still be pretty : )

  12. That is one of the most intensely beautiful things I've ever seen. Wonderfully festive and joyful...

  13. Just wanted to let you know my mom, sisters, and I were so inspired by your wreath last year that we scooped up tons of ornaments half-price after last Christmas. We pulled them out of storage last weekend and made wreaths almost as beautiful as yours! Three of us have multi-color wreaths, but one sister made a red and silver wreath, and another used aqua and silver. All were just gorgeous. We had so much fun making them. Thanks for inspiring us!

  14. Thanks for a great idea for a fun do-it-yourself wreath. Looks real nice.

  15. I had some oddly shaped ornaments from Ikea I wanted to turn into a wreath and was more inspired by your wreath for its shapes than anything. You're one of the few to do an ornament wreath with non-traditional ornaments. All the others out there are just the round balls. BO-RING. i am making mine tonight! I also pinned this to pinterest so hopefully you'll get some new traffic :)

  16. Thanks Jessi!!! I hope you'll come back and share how it turned out.

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