A little inspiration after a crummy day

After 3 fun days of traipsing all over Virginia visiting family and playing with our adorable nephews, we arrived back at 3820 this afternoon to find that neither the water nor the heat were working. It was colder inside the house than outside -- not exactly the warm welcome we were hoping for after our travels! Despite obsessive insulation and other heat-saving precautions, this is the third time in 10 days our pipes have frozen. Current mood = discouraged, with a hint of defeat.

Despite this setback, we did make some exciting strides in the living room prior to our trip. I'll post some pics of our latest accomplishments tomorrow. Tonight, I just don't feel like talking or thinking much about our house. Instead, I think an inspirational photo might help our spirits:

I don't know who owns this house or who took the photo -- I found it on a desktop wallpaper site via a Google image search. Anyway, our master bedroom will have exposed log walls, and everything about this room is jiving with me today. Plus, lately I've had a major weakness for the clean lines of simple canopy beds like this one.

Someday our house might have a bedroom like this. And heat and water too! A girl can dream...

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