Wanted: Log Home Inspiration

The original section of our house was built around 1884 out of hand-hewn logs. While our renovation/restoration of that section is nowhere near completion, it already gives off a cozy and inviting vibe that I can't wait to experience for real when it's done.

But as you may imagine, it's kind of difficult to find cool decor inspiration for log homes. There are many "rustic modern" houses and cabins out there that align with my taste, but when it comes to log homes, most seem to have checked-plaid overstuffed couches or navajo print rugs... while my vision is old farm tables and sleek white dining chairs.

Here are a few log home images that get a little closer to what I'm after. Each one has something I like about it--if not in execution, then at least in theory.

A modern yet subdued kitchen blends well with rustic logs. (AT)

A shiny farm sink and crisp white trim and cabinets freshen up this scene. (unknown source)

Color and imagination definitely make this space personal. (AT)

Blending old and new pieces gives this bath a sense of past and present.
(Mark Burstyn via Desire to Inspire)

Even on a distressed rack, this wine collection adds a touch of sophistication that I am digging.

If you have or know anyone with a cool antique log house, please let me know. I would love to feature some interesting and stylin' log homes on here. Surely they exist, and I'd like to be the one who collects info about them! Hit me up at thirtyeight20@gmail.com.

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